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Quality Management

We consider the quality of our products and services and the satisfaction of our customers as a decisive factor for lasting success of our company. Our quality management, which we work according to the DIN EN ISO 9001, takes into it deep in all internal and external processes. Continuously to improve the quality of products and services, not only to meet the needs of our customers, but even to surpass them, is of highest priority to us. It meshes the cooperation by customer, sales, supplier, manufacturing and logistics.

Our main supplier - ChenYang technologies GmbH & Co. KG has been certified with ISO9001:2008 since August 2015, for the management of development, manufacture and distribution of products in the areas: sensors, Measurement and magnetics, especially Hall Effect sensors, electromagnetic and photoelectronic measuring technology and permanent magnetic materials.

All our products are tested by our sister company SONNE Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and ChenYang Technologies GmbH & Co. KG carefully before shipment. Only qualitive products are delivered to our customers after the outgoing test.  


In addition to meeting the customer requirements, we feel especially committed to the environment. Therefore, our efforts aligned on the conservation of natural resources is of course matter for us. We comply with the RoHS directive and take only RoHS compliant products from our suppliers.

In accordance with its quality strategy and commitment, ChenYang Technologies engages in an environmental policy to contribute to preserve the environment, to protect human health and to utilize natural resources in a rational way.

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