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Hall Effect Technology for innovative Products

ChenYang Technologies GmbH & Co.KG provides innovative and high quality products and solutions for measuring electrical, magnetic and mechanical quantities, such as current, voltage, magnetic flux density, speed and position etc. The goal of our company is to become one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Hall effect sensors and magnetic measuring instruments worldwide..

Our current product spectrum covers Hall Effect ICs, linear Hall elements, current and voltage sensors, Hall gear tooth sensors, Hall Vane sensors, Hall proximity switches, magnetoresistive sensors, Gaussmeters, fluxmeters, magnetic pole detectors and various kinds of permanent magnetic products.

On-going Innovation

ChenYang Technologies GmbH & Co. KG stands for unceasing technology innovation to improve the quality of its products for fulfilling customers' high requirements, and offers customers first-class services. The research and development works of ChenYang Technologies focuses on electromagnetic measurement and sensor technology, development and application of Hall sensors, speed and position measurement with high reliability, accuracy and safety.

Custom-built Products on Demand

Our company can provide you with products adapted to your specific requirements on all types of applications if you need custom-made products for specific applications. Our consultancy services are at your disposal to support you in your technical projects. When you are interested in our services, feel please free to contact us by the given telephone number or email addresses.

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